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Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Such an amazing little device.  Seen here with a case and power supply you can pick this up on Amazon for $50.00.  If all that you want is the board you can get it for $35.00. My first project was to install KODI on this for use as a media server.  You hook the HDMI cable to a TV and you can watch television shows and Movies. Next, I wiped that SD card and turned it into a retro game console. These are two of the easiest projects, because you can download an SD card image that basically is everything you need. There are kits that you can turn a Raspberry Pi into a Laptop with its own Linux based operating system called Raspian. I like the Pi 3 because it is basically a tiny computer.  The 3 has built-in WiFi, HDMI connector and Bluetooth out of the box. The Pi zero, one and two can be used for a variety of kind of projects, where this amount of horsepower is not needed. Check out this website: