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2018 Bar Poker Open $200,000 championship at the Golden Nugget

I won $1,800.00 ! On June 6th during my annual trip to Las Vegas with Pikes Peak Poker I placed 15th out of more then 1,200 entrants playing Texas Holdem Poker. I posted some of this on Facebook as soon as it happened.  I wanted to put more detail on my blog. Watch the video on Twitch Watch 2018 BAR POKER OPEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPLAS VEGAS JUNE 10 - 14, 2018 from BarPokerOpen on Unfortunately the recording starts right before I get knocked out. I'm on Twitch!  My stepson is going to be so jealous. At least everyone gets to watch my losing hand. It was fun to play such an enormous tournament at the Golden Nugget. This year we brought about 80 Pikes Peak Poker players from Colorado Springs. There were other events scheduled throughout the week, but my main focus was the big tournament.  One evening the whole league met at Nacho Daddy for drinks and snacks.  That place is a blast.  On a previous trip I swallowed a scorpion (yes on purpose). On a diffe

Pikes Peak Poker

Pikes Peak Poker Pikes Peak Poker reached out to me because their old website needed a refresh.  So I made them this.  I tried for the first time because I had heard so many good things about them. I needed to see for myself.   I really like the fact that you can create a custom data base to be used throughout the website.   I like the shopping cart. I surprised to find out, after signing up to be a Premium member that many of the add on apps in the app store cost extra. This was disappointing because the shopping app by itself only accepts 2 forms of payment, Paypal and Square. I'm still trying to figure out a way to expand that.  I think I might link back to Facebook for the shopping part.  I am always making tweaks and improving the feature of the website so that it is never completely done. What do you think?   Leave suggestions in the comments and maybe I will include them in the next update. Mike