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Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Acer Mixed Reality Headset This is my new favorite thing!! The best part is that I picked it up for $215.00 on So if you were always interested in VR, but didn't think that you could afford it then this is your chance. To support this you do need to have a laptop or PC that meets certain minimum requirements. The minimum system requirement are: Operating System Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RS3) - Home, Pro, Business, Education Processor Intel Core i5 7200U (7th generation mobile), dual-core with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology enabled (or better) AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.4Ghz (desktop), quad-core (or better) RAM 8GB DDR3 dual channel (or better) Free disk space At least 10 GB Graphics Card Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 620 (or greater) DX12-capable integrated GPU (check if your model is greater)  NVIDIA MX150/965M (or greater) DX12-capable discrete GPU GPU must be hosted in a PCIe 3.0 x