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Pikes Peak Poker

Pikes Peak Poker Pikes Peak Poker reached out to me because their old website needed a refresh.  So I made them this.  I tried for the first time because I had heard so many good things about them. I needed to see for myself.   I really like the fact that you can create a custom data base to be used throughout the website.   I like the shopping cart. I surprised to find out, after signing up to be a Premium member that many of the add on apps in the app store cost extra. This was disappointing because the shopping app by itself only accepts 2 forms of payment, Paypal and Square. I'm still trying to figure out a way to expand that.  I think I might link back to Facebook for the shopping part.  I am always making tweaks and improving the feature of the website so that it is never completely done. What do you think?   Leave suggestions in the comments and maybe I will include them in the next update. Mike