I passed!  I had so many plans for this Blog.  I know blogging is so old school.  There has been so much going on in the last few months, but the most exciting is that I started studying for the CISSP exam.  I passed the exam on July 7th and I am currently waiting for the endorsement process to complete.  This exam took several months of studying.
Cybray was a huge part of my studying.  The best part is it is completely free.
Check them out at:
They provide training for all levels of Cyber Security.
I also paid for the Boson practice exams.  http://www.boson.com
Back in the day when I obtained my MCSE, CCNA, and ASE I always used the Transcender tests.  That has become Kaplan IT now.  Boson provided a great way for me to judge my progress and identify what areas I needed to concentrate on.
There were a few other free resources.  I would have anything CISSP related running on Youtube.com when ever I could play a video.  I have no real specific recommendation, but after listening to Kelly Handerhan for months on Cybrary and Yotube, I feel like I have met her in real life.
She is excellent at explaining the skills needed to pass the CISSP exam.

So something had to give and updating my blog was it.  I still help Pikes Peak Poker out with their technical and website needs.  I still play Pokemon Go with my wife and kids.  I have purchased a couple of Windows Mixed Reality games.  I just discovered Fruit Nija VR and Beat Saber with my Family.  It's fun to put my laptop in the living room and pass the VR Headset around letting everyone have a turn. With Steam VR you can mirror what a person sees through the headset onto the laptop screen.  This lets the whole family see what is going on in VR and we can cheer each other on while we are killing fruit.

I plan on making some more changes to this blog.  I will be adding video in the future so I will be joining this decade.


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